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As a sworn and certified expert ist Herr Mag. Josef ObradovitsMag. Josef Obradovits is qualified to provide expert opinions requested by a court or authorities or a private individual.

The certification includes taxes and accounting, covering the following areas:

Bookkeeping, accounting, financial statements, payroll accounting
Tax advice
Company valuation, company planning (capital budgeting, financial planning, cost planning, liquidity planning)
Fees in taxation and accounting

Services are also provided in the following areas:

pkt Expertise relating to taxation and balance sheets
pkt Corporate valuation reports
pkt Reorganization reports
pkt Continuation and insolvency reports
pkt Maintenance payment reports
pkt Loss of earnings reports
pkt Business interruption reports
pkt Reports for criminal proceedings involving a tax offense
pkt Bankruptcy offense reports
pkt Arbitrator and expert arbitrator activities
pkt etc.

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